Friday, February 22, 2013


Here's a show being put on by some friends happening next week. Y'all should check it out:
Chat Logs, a hyper-visceral noise punk trio from Brooklyn, NY, will be headlining a powerhouse lineup at 285 Kent, an underground DIY warehouse on what has become a prominent strip for Brooklyn music venues. This will be their first performance in the space. The band has been curiously alienating the tame Brooklyn scene for some time, most recently packing venues such as Secret Project Robot, Shea Stadium, Death By Audio, and Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, all the way down to the Rockaway waterfront at the Low Tide Bar.

From their habit of dousing the crowd in a cloud of baby powder to finger-pointing, miniature instruments, and oft-naked bodies, one never knows what to expect from the band whose first live performance was at the Whitney Museum of Fine Art. The band's recent performance installation at Southfirst Gallery, Dark Side of the Room, brought to life a butcher's nightmare: musicians costumed as pigs, all melting away amongst animal carcasses in a slaughterhouse. You will want to move your feet; there will be a wall of sound. The perfect soundtrack for your pity party.

285 Kent is an all ages venue on Kent Ave and South 1st. It is accessible via the Bedford Ave L, the G at Metropolitan and the Marcy Ave JMZ, show starts at 8pm, Chat Logs is scheduled to play around midnight.

And here are a bunch o' URLs… Yeah!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mist Complexions, Pt. 2

Man of My Dreams at Brooklyn Bar, or, Lust - w4m (Williamsburg)

It had been six months or so since my car broke down somewhere in Indiana. It was towed and I found a cheap motel for the night. In that filthy bed I dreamt of a man I'd never met outside of slumber, but a man I'd seen behind my closed lids for years.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. You emerged from the ether of sleep into candlelit reality, man made manifest in flesh. We were sitting across from each other in the back room at Pete's Candy Store. Field Guides were about to finish their set when I saw you glancing at me with a glimmer of recognition. I was too nervous, and too shocked, to approach you after the show, and you must have been equally flummoxed. Have you been dreaming of me all these years as well?

Since Sunday, my dreams have become steamier, our encounters now primal. Sometimes we are lions on the savannah, wolves on the tundra. Always we are lustful.

If you are you, you'll know who I am. Be my valentine?

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    Photos from FIELD GUIDES' First Show

    Photos by Kristin Leigh Knoll / Animated GIF by BJK
    Photo by Benjamin Seretan
    Photo by Crystal Arnette

    Photo by Kristin Leigh Knoll

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Mist Complexions

    Bulbs, or, Girl With Hair at Show - m4w (Williamsburg)

    'Bulbs' is such a silly word when you say it more than five times. Were I to name each bulb, I'd look to Greek mythology and Saturday morning cartoons. The bulbs were on the stage last night at Pete's Candy Store. Field Guides were under the low glow.

    You: eyebrows like furry caterpillars, asleep and dreaming above your eyes of cocoons and future wings.

    (and Jessica Tandy)

    Me: a snaggletooth; two diligent eyes (neither lazy); hair growing (still at this age!) in mostly conventional locales; an evident yearning to earn the approval of my peers; an evident yearning for furry and furless affections; a coat evoking fields of nettles. If I were a marine animal, I'd be some sort of mollusk.

    Bulbs bulbs bulbs bulbs bulbs...


    Sunday, February 10, 2013

    FIELD GUIDES - "Leading Me Back to You" (Wolfs Cover)

    On the eve of FIELD GUIDES' first live performance, we offer a home recording of a lovely number by one of our favorite young bands, Wolfs. (And, as an added bonus, and following Wolfs' lead, we include a surprise outro by one of our favorite old bands)...

    Morgan Cattaneo: voice
    Benedict Kupstas: guitar, synthesizers, voice

    (Written by Maryn Jones)

    Wolfs is a really, really great band:

    The show is tomorrow (actually, looking at the hour, it's technically today).

    More info here: